Models and Materials

Creating outstanding financial models, business plans and investor presentations since 2002.

Developing compelling pitch decks, financial forecasts, and business plans is our bread and butter work. We've been doing it professionally for years, and we have honed our craft via numerous angel and VC fundraising rounds.

In addition to developing pitch materials, we have gone through the capital raise process several times with our startup clients (usually in an startup CFO or BD role). We have pitched alongside startup founders to numerous venture firms in Silicon Valley, New York, Austin, and other regions, and have successfully raised funding from top investors.

We know what investors and strategic partners want to see, hear, and feel in a pitch; we know how to dig in and elucidate the core opportunity of a deal; we know how to communicate the business fundamentals and truly sell the vision.

In short, we know how to move the needle. Our deliverables include:

Pitch Deck / Investor Presentation

Developing a crisp and compelling pitch deck is one of the most valuable things you can do for your business. Our pitch decks-- usually 10 to 15 slides with an reasonable number of backup slides-- are designed to sell the vision to investors, strategic partners, and other stakeholders. Our focus is on telling a clear, cohesive and actionable 'story'-- one that has energy and an arc, and that appeals to both the rational and emotional sides. Our work gets results: entrepreneurs have used our pitch decks to raise more than $88m in funding and execute numerous partnerships and deals.

Financial Model / Forecasts

While the pitch deck tells your vision in images, metaphors, and words, the financial model captures your vision in numbers. A solid model will show how much capital it takes to get your startup off the ground, as well as how much cash flow it will ultimately generate. Models illustrate customer acquisition costs, as well as how much revenue and profit each customer generates. Models demonstrate how the business is expected to grow and scale over time. Our models are credible, robust, and easy to use. Our clients often tell us that the model was the 'deciding factor' in an investment round, and that the process of building the model gave them greater insight and visibility into their business. (Click here for a blog on the topic.)

Business Plan / Business Case / Executive Summary

Business plans and business cases are great tools for taking a deeper dive into your startup's strategies, tactics, and operating roadmap. We use the business plan as a core framework for strategic planning, as it is an integrated and cohesive tool to delve into the business from multiple angles, and to connect the dots between vision, strategy, tactics, and financials. Similarly, the business case is used to support a deal or recommendation to partners or other stakeholders, and it is used to map out deal terms, responsibilities, roadmaps, and timelines. The executive summary distills the high-level points in an easily-digestible format, and is to used tee up interest and initial discussions.

Our Pricing Structure & Business Model

For materials and deliverables engagements, we work on a fixed-fee (cash) basis. We do not perform materials work on spec or on contingency; however, in some cases, we will take a portion of the project fee in equity.

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