Startup Business Development

Building the pipeline: help for startups pursuing strategic deals.

A great way for early stage companies to grow quickly is by doing partnership deals to expand the core business line or to develop entirely new business lines-- what we refer to as startup business development.

Such deals are strategic in nature, and are used to generate "inorganic" or indirect revenue growth. Examples include:

  • Co-Marketing / PR deals to gain exposure for your product / service
  • Distribution deals to get your product / service in front of more potential users (including publisher, content syndication, and affiliate deals)
  • API deals to get in front of more potential users, or to bring additional functionality into your product
  • Platform deals to get application developers to develop for your platform
  • Content acquisition deals
  • Channel and reseller deals

We love startup business development. We help startup CEOs research the market and develop a cohesive strategic partner plan. We develop the value proposition, pitch, business case and model. We build and manage a robust partner outreach process. We make connections, build relationships, and drive the discussions forward. We negotiate, close, measure, and monitor.

In short, we "offload" the heavy lifting and help you move faster and more efficiently.

Our pricing structure & business model

A startup business development engagement is typically structured as either a part-time operating role, or as a fixed-fee project. Remuneration is via retainer or retainer + success fee for deals closed. In some cases, we will take a portion of the project fee in equity. Contact us for a quote.


For greater detail on how we approach this type of work, check out our comprehensive article on Startup Business Development, here.