Representative Clients

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We've been working with startups for quite awhile now. We have been very fortunate to work side-by-side (and learn a great deal from) some awesome entrepreneurs over the years. Here are a few recent clients:

Our work has been both broad (across multiple industries and company stages) and deep (within finance, strategy, and BD). There's a good chance we've worked with companies like yours, and have solved problems you're currently facing.

In short, we bring perspective and experience. A few more projects we've completed over the past few years:






Online crowdfunding platform and wholesale marketplace for mobile app developers (iPhone, Android)

Advisory services, go-to-market assistance, pitch deck and financial model consulting, term sheet review, business developmnet

Seed capital raise, business model refinement; launch and marketing support; Development of strategic partnerships

Company raised $650k in angel funding; currently in closed beta and gearing up for major launch with Top-5 movie studio as strategic partner

Blog network and media company targeting 3rd largest demographic in U.S.

Investor pitch deck, capital raise strategy, growth and business model consulting,

Capital raise, internal planning, product roadmap planning

Company serving up 50M page views and 150M ad impressions per month; Received term sheet frommajor NYC media VC

Vertical ad network software and solutions provider

Business plan, financial model, pitch deck, executive summary, strategy consulting

Strategy, business model refinement; Corporate structure and valuation advisory

Company in stealth development, preparing for Q4:2011 launch

Tokyo-based social media / digital PR startup

Business plan and business modeling; launch and growth consulting; social networking strategy; ongoing advisory board role relationship

Product / service refinment; launch and go-to-market activities; startup operations optimization

Company launched in Japan in Fall and preparing for China expansion early 2012

Developer of children's plush toys + accompanying online gaming world

Pitch deck, executive summary, financial model, growth consulting

Angel capital raise, operations and manufacturing planning, online gaming strategy

Company raised $750k in angel funding; currently expanding distributor / reseller network

Social media and micro-blogging / real time data stream review site

Launch and growth consulting, business modeling, investor sourcing and strategy; incubation

Product development, launch and go-to-market activities; capital raise

Company was shuttered due to unfavorable competitive landscape

Online video aggregator and directory of professionally-produced content

Strategy consulting, investor presentation development, pitch coaching, investor sourcing, financial modeling & forecasting

Capital raise, internal financial analysis & controls

Company raised $8M in Series A VC and $13M in Series B funding from top-tier syndicate; launched at TechCrunch 50, Fall 2009; sold to CBS Interactive for $100M in Q1:11

Social shopping and review platform targeting upscale women and trend-setters/influencers

Investor presentation, pitch coaching, and financial modeling

Angel capital raise; Go-to-market activities

Company raised $300k angel round from industry insiders; Company chosen as TechCrunch 50 finalist

Radio content production and syndication company aiming to reinvent itself

Business plan and strategy consulting for new market / social media / mobile platform expansion

Capital raise for management buyout and to expand distribution platform

Company in LBO discussions with leading E. Coast private equity firms

Developer of "broadband for the car" hardware and content delivery platform

Strategic partnering plans for major channel partners; Pitch coaching; Capital raise and roadshow management; Extensive strategy, business modeling, and corporate development activities

Strategic partnering; Cornerstone customer development; Go-to-market activities; Corporate and business development; CFO / VC capital raise

Company raised $6.5M VC funding from west and east coast syndicate; formed numerous partnerships with Cadillac, VW, GM, Novatel, Avis, and many others

Developer of high-definition wireless video system-on-module and system-on-chip technologies

Full business plan, extensive strategy consulting, investor presentation development, pitch coaching, investor sourcing, partnership development, and other startup advisory services

Customer development, capital raise, and partnering efforts

Company engaged in technical due diligence with extensive Taiwan, Korea, and Chinese partner and customer list

Smart grid analytics software and price optimization platform

Strategic partner / business development consulting and deck

Strategic partnering

Company initiating discussions with major Midwest utilities

Leading wine software and logistics firm expanding into B2B market

Full business plan, financial model, and strategy consulting for capital raise; Series of Strategic Overview plans used for launch of new business initiatives (e.g., affiliate marketing)

Capital raise; strategic partnerships and affiliate marketing; Team focus and hiring ramp

Company closed $8m Series B round; Previously, Company closed oversubscribed angel round from leading wine industry executives; Update: company acquired #2 competitor in the space

Developer of online printing auction system for B2C and B2B markets

Investor-focused expanded executive summary

Capital raise

Company raised seed round from private E. Coast investors

Stealth company creating innovative "regressive auction" online model

Full business plan, growth strategy, marketing assistance

Launch strategy

Company raised $100k angel round; receiving unsolicited funding offers

Market leader in innovation management software and services (extensive F500 customer base)

Venture Audit; Business plan, financial model, and pitch deck; Venture strategy consulting

Business strategy, capital raise

Company raised seed capital; in discussions with Tier-1 investors for Series A round

Leading developer of Semantic Web or "Web 3.0" platform and applications

Go-to-market and launch strategy consulting

Launch strategy, capital raise

Company raised $13M Series B VC round from Tier-1 investors; Update: company was sold to a competitor

Developer of mobile hosted PBX and document management software for Smartphones

Business plan and financial model; Launch and venture strategy consulting

Launch strategy, capital raise

Company forming strategic partnerships

Venture capital firm focused on software and CPC seed investments

Pitch deck, PPM and executive summary

Capital raise from L.P.s

Company raised initial $11M tranche of funding, and now investing in capital-efficient web startups

Online social media / marketing platform targeting the legal industry Financial modeling, strategy Capital raise Company raised seed funding from angels, and now raising second seed round prior to a VC round

Developer of organic plant growth accelerators and energizers

Business plan, pitch deck, financial model

Launch strategy, capital raise

Company raised seed round, now gearing up for a VC raise in early 2011

Sports-focused social network and connections web site Financial modeling, business model strategy Capital raise Company preparing for 2011 launch and fund raise

Provider of post-production services to Hollywood studios

Operating business plan for launch of new streaming video service

Growth strategy, operational roadmap

Company sourcing vendors and developing architecture

Developer of probate and estate settlement software solutions

Business plan, financial model, marketing and branding strategy

Business strategy, launch plans

Company raised seed round and preparing for launch

Application framework and tools for porting legacy and Java applications to Grid Computing

Full business plan, go-to-market strategy consulting, financial and scenario modeling, pitch coaching, capital raise strategy, general advisory

Launch, growth, and capital raise efforts

Company in discussions with IBM, Citicorp, and others on partner side, and closed first major account; Company preparing for seed raise

Connected network of music and social gaming apps for iPhone

Business model consulting; Pitch deck and financial model; Launch and venture strategy advisory

Business model strategy, capital raise

Raised small seed round; now in stealth development in Australia, aiming for Spring 2011 launch

Developer of item-level RFID tracking and management hardware and software

Investor materials development and refinement

Capital raise

Company closed $5.2m Series B round of financing; Recently, company was acquired by Tyco

VoIP-based contact center software provider; established provider of carrier-grade telephony solutions

Full business plan, extensive strategy consulting, and other startup advisory services

VC capital raise; Partnering

Company was acquired

Video social networking portal; Founders have background with largest SNW site on Web

Business plan, consulting services

Growth and capital raise

Company experiencing rapid organic growth; Funded by well-known backer of MySpace

Filtered web search portal with offline print component

Business plan, capital raise strategy

Seed round raise

Company launched beta site, and gathering user feedback

Autologous stem cell bank

Marketing plan (strategic and tactical); Primary market research; Complete business plan

National launch and expansion; Capital raise

Public company raised $2m P/E round

Developer of on-demand, business-class video interviewing solutions

Presentation and pitch coaching

Partnering, capital raise

Company negotiating partnership with leading industry player; Preparing for seed capital raise

Developer of smart-card based online security service with central validation system

Business plan, pitch deck, business strategy / Advisory Board

Capital raise

Company launched and is bootstrapping

Web 2.0 online funding platform for musicians, artists, filmmakers, etc.

Business plan and pitch development

Seed capital raise

Company raised seed round from Hollywood A-list actors

Car racing series + merchandising based on Lamborghini Gallardo

Business plan, financial model, operations consulting

Capital raise and partnerships

Company currently sourcing brand licensing partners

Systems designer of hosted network infrastructure and applications architecture

Business plan refinement and pitch coaching

Seed capital raise

Company approaching angel investors while bootstrapping existing operations

Real estate investment portal and community site

Business model, launch, and growth strategy consulting

Launch and expansion

Idea development phase

Secure remote device monitoring, compliance, and management solution provider (hardware and software)

Full business plan, consulting, financial model

Capital raise, marketing efforts

Company raised angel capital; Securing beta customers; preparing for Series A

Designer of high-speed, flexible-head backplane connectors for telecom, test, and server markets

Full business plan, extensive strategy consulting, investor presentation development, pitch coaching, and other startup advisory services

Strategic investor capital raise; Sales and partnering

Company bootstrapping product development in preparation for seed capital raise

Developer of optical bio-sensor instruments based on nano-structured films

Full business plan, model refinement, capital raise advisory services

Capital raise; Launch strategy

Company raised $2m from angels and friends/family for seed raise

Mobile and location-based ordering and payment platform

Idea refinement; Launch consulting; Full business plan

Launch: Risk reduction strategy; Focus

Company developing alpha platform

Provider of online compliance and training solutions

Business planning advisory and startup assistance

Company launch

Company in pre-launch phase, preparing alpha version for market validation purposes

High end wedding gown and couture designer, manufacturer, and retailer

Interim business plan, financial model, positioning strategy, and investor introductions

Expansion plans

Company scaling operations from 5 to 20 stores, along with offshore manufacturing

Designer and manufacturer of innovative, high-end 'outdoor living' products (fountains, statues, etc.)

Business plan, marketing strategy

Acquisition and/or capital raise

Company expanding from S.W. US to 50 states and abroad; recently acquired by larger player

Developer of wastewater inflow & infiltration monitoring and measurement system

Full business plan, financial model, pitch slide deck; Venture strategy consulting

Capital raise; Launch and expansion plans

Company implementing Beta trails at several municipalities

Merger of four companies in the HP e3000 market; Firms joined together to create new business entity

Operational business plan including risk analysis, goals and responsibilities, launch plan

Internal strategy; Sales, marketing & partner roadmap

Successful initial launch; Company now preparing for sales ramp

Developer of hospital room management software and systems

Business plan and marketing strategy

Launch plans

Company developing software architecture, securing Beta sites

Online system to replicate and replace contingency recruiting process

Extensive strategy, research and consulting; Full business plan, investor presentation, financial models, and exec summary

Launch plans; capital raise

Company preparing for initial beta launch

Low-cost, high-definition POV video camera developer

Business plan, capital raise strategy

Capital raise, partner development

Company successfully raised $3M Series A round

Online market-based learning system

Presentation development, pitch coaching

Capital raise

Company was shuttered

Innovative drug delivery device using nanotechnology

Extensive strategy, research and consulting; Full business plan, investor presentation, financial models, and exec summary

Strategy, positioning, capital raise

Current client, in-process; Company in partnering discussions for R&D

Online dating site

Expanded exec summary; Guidance and advice on strategic options

Strategy, capital raise

Company was acquired

Building-integrated photovoltaics (solar power) R&D lab

Market research; Opportunity analysis; Financial modeling & break-even; Full business plan

Internal strategy purposes

Shifted strategy to focus on R&D and internally-financed development

Ergonomic writing utensil designer & marketer

Full business plan

Capital raise

Raised angel capital; Raised Series A to expand offshore manufacturing capacity; Now sold in Wal-Mart, Staples, Walgreens worldwide

Enterprise-class corporate governance software

Extensive strategy & consulting; Full business plan and exec summary

Capital raise

Company was shuttered

Transport-layer network management software

Executive summary


Company was shuttered

Predictive vector analytics software for wireless sensor markets

Extensive strategy & consulting; Full business plan and exec summary

Capital raise

Raised seed capital; Currently in late-stage discussions with top-name VCs

Royalty and revenue interest funding for the healthcare and life sciences industry (public company)

Extensive business model strategy, full business plan and exec summary

Private placement

Successful Roadshow; raised $2m from private equity investors

Outsourced technical and administrative services


Early-stage debt

Company was shuttered

Edge-based router and VPN networking OS

Extensive business model & marketing consulting


Pre-launch (alpha stage trials)

Virtual cam coprocessor (semiconductors)

Refinement of business model and presentation materials

Capital raise

Introductions to angel investors

Consumer food product company launching in natural class of trade

Marketing research, strategy, full business plan

Internal planning; Partner development

Successfully completed U.S. market launch

Anti-spam hardware appliance

Business plan refinement

Capital raise

Successfully raised venture capital from top-name firm then acquired by public company

Branded consumer home, bath and accessory product line

Strategy, full business plan, investor presentation

Planning, debt financing, sales

Company launched first line of products, gaining distributors

Location-based Internet auction business

Strategy, exec sum


Company was shuttered

Clinical trial software startup

Business plan, exec sum, slide deck, presentation coaching, management

Capital raise

Plan selected as 1 of 9 (out of 250 entrants) to present to premier VCs at business plan competition in NYC

Digital projector peripherals company

Exec sum, milestone map

Planning, partner development

Used to gain pro-bono legal work in pursuit of patent

Email autoresponse software

Full business plan

Capital raise

Successfully raised venture capital from top-name firm

Packaging and logistics business process outsourcing firm

Full business plan

Capital raise

Company was acquired

Ecommerce product vendor

Exec sum and marketing materials

Capital raise

Successfully raised angel capital

Targeted radio broadcast firm using Internet sourcing model

Business plan work, financial model

Capital raise

Successfully raised angel capital

Sports technology development firm

Exec sum, capital sourcing

Capital raise and partner development

Secured distributor partnership. In discussions with angel investors

Investment firm (hedge & VC hybrid)

Marketing materials Pitch book

Capital raise, marketing

Successful marketing program

Investment firm (asset mgmt)

Marketing materials


Successful marketing program


Finance and Modeling Work





B2B Net market maker

Extensive financial models

Pre-IPO road show

Successful IPO

Internet infrastructure provider

Extensive financial models

Pre-IPO road show

Successful IPO

Telecom provider

Offering memorandum, extensive financial models

Off-B/S financing

Successful debt and equity offering

Chip-based stored value card

Extensive industry research & analysis; Comp analysis

Valuation for joint venture

Successful JV

Internet firewall software

DCF modeling, Industry research/writing; Comp analysis; Product analysis

M&A valuation

Successful merger

Multimedia software

Industry report

M&A valuation

Merger failed

Shop floor automation software

Industry research; Competitive positioning; DCF models

M&A valuation

Successful merger


Econ. research; comp multiples; financial statement analysis

Tax/trust valuation

Tax purposes

Biotech/genetically modified food

Biotech industry research Competitor analysis

M&A Valuation

Successful merger

Voice recognition and speech applications

Cash flow modeling; Industry research; Product analysis

M&A Valuation

Successful disposition


Research and Writing Work


Author of Seed Stage Capital blog and series of recurring business development articles at

Published feature article (6000 words) on technology in the energy industry in print edition of Line56 Magazine

Quotes in NY Times Circuits Section and San Francisco Chronicle Small Business Section

Published 30 online articles for New Investment Frontiers column, covering Internet, wireless, B2B, security, hosting, encryption, and other topics

Researched and wrote extensive 72-page Net markets industry report for leading investment banking firm

Researched and wrote more than 80 equity research reports on firms in software, hardware, Internet, security, digital media, software distribution, online commerce, and other technology markets